When are you going?

The date you enter here will be different for Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip policies.


Single Trips
For Single Trips these are the dates that you start your travel (i.e. the date you leave home) and the date you complete your travel (i.e. arrive back at your home). Remember to take into account time differences / time zones and travel times.


Cover for any Cancellation or Amendment costs begins from the time you buy your policy. Remember, if you want to include cover in the unfortunate event you have to cancel your trip, select a plan that includes the appropriate level of cancellation cover for your needs.


Cover under all other sections begins from the start date you enter.


Annual Multi-Trip
For Annual Multi-Trips the start date is today's date and the end date is the date one year later.

For further information, we recommend you read the definition of 'Period of Insurance' in the Policy Wording.